brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

Leaving Las Vegas

(you knew that title was coming eventually!)

Yes, I'm already home as of last night, but I figured I'd catch up with the rest of the story from Sunday while I give you the photo album links. :) On a side note, on Saturday night I "flipped" my camera's "odometer" for the 2nd time in 5 years...which by counting 0001-9999 twice means I've already taken 20,000 photos* since January 2002 - whew!

Sunday at Red Rock Canyon

I packed everything except my computer, then Amanda & I headed over to their local restaurant for breakfast around 10:30. Delicious eggs, crispy bacon, but they are famous for a giant cream puff, but were out already, so I'll have to wait until next time! ;) We were on the road for Red Rock Canyon before noon, which was good since it was turning out to be a nice warm sunny day! By the time we left, I wished I was in shorts and very thankful I was in a thin t-shirt! (I wore my new Live Long and Prosper tee in case you can't read it in the photos) Just 25 miles away from the Las Vegas strip, Red Rock Canyon is absolutely beautiful, so I went wild with landscape photos, being as artsy as my heart desired. Amanda stayed in the car correcting papers, giving me as much time as I wanted, so all was well. :) We even saw some wild burros which is a rare occurrence to see so many so close to the road! After we drove the whole scenic drive & got all my stuff packed for sure, we made it to Mack & Adam's house just in time for kickoff of the Superbowl. I don't even remember the last time I watched a Superbowl, but I loaded photos & burned a CD for Amanda of all our photos for the weekend instead of paying attention to the game, and partook of the delicious fajitas the guys had made. What I was actually interested in seeing was Prince performing at halftime, but Amanda thought we should get to the airport to be sure I was there in time, so we left just as halftime started. I got exit row again, so was comfy enough to doze on the way home, and big thanks to Kevin who gave me a ride home! :) Kylie told me off for awhile, and I saw she had discovered how to knock the glass cover off the butter dish and had helped herself while I was gone...hahaha!

Here are the photos to go along with the trip. Honestly with Mardi Gras imminent, I doubt I'll be able to go back & edit the previous posts to include the photo links, so you can just scroll through the albums this way, then read the post along with it if you feel so inclined:

Photos for Friday out, Saturday at MIX, then only a couple of Sunday & Monday

Photos for Tuesday - The Game & The Party!

Photos for Wednesday - The Relaxing...ah...oh wait, more partying!

Photos for Thursday - Hofbrauhaus & Blue Man Group

Photos for Fabulous Friday Food & Fun

Photos for Saturday Star Trek Experience

Photos for Saturday Night Solo

Photos for Sunday at Red Rock Canyon

Details of The Game are still forthcoming, since I want to write it up properly as The Mission for Agent 2-007. You can see a few highlight photos in the Kickoff 20007 album, though.

Next: Mardi Gras this weekend...always plenty to do!

* Yes, technically flipping the camera twice would only be 19,998 photos since 0000 is not a valid image number and we never reach 10000, but since I've taken a hundred more since Saturday night, it's definitely more than 20K to date! ;)
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