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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Mardi Gras party progress
Whew...I'm even more tired this week than in Vegas! Back to my old habit of staying up all hours but still having to get up for work in the morning...ugh! 3:30am bedtime last night which was the worst this week, but I'm getting there!

Mardi Gras party prep so far

Mardi Gras party prep before I left for Vegas:
  • 4 dozen creole chicken skewers done - seasoned & underbaked on sticks then frozen
  • 9 dozen spinach balls done - this time underbaked then frozen vs only frozen raw
  • double-batch crab triangles done (192 bite-sized wedges) - in freezer
  • 11 dozen sugar cookies baked, but not iced or decorated yet
  • 2 cream cheese fleur-de-lis formed - in fridge
  • bought brie & pastry
  • bought sliced cheese
  • bought crackers
  • bought grape juice for punch
  • bought everything for shrimp mold
  • bought everything for king cake
  • updated Mardi Gras recipes page with new content & photos, plus Google AdSense
  • new elaborate white curly wig complete to go with 18th century French court lavender & white lace dress
  • house is CLEAN & ready for decorating!!!

    Mardi Gras party prep since Vegas:

  • last Costco trip before party - fresh fruit & some veggies
  • bought hurricane mix & Meyer's dark rum
  • bought chain, clasps & jump rings & fixed the necklace for my costume
  • took my lavender dress in 4" - was too loose!
  • made matching bows for the new white wig
  • ironed everything so ready to wear - it doesn't fit in the closet very well!
  • (no time for new mask or shoes, so costume is ready for the party!)
  • 11 dozen sugar cookies have base layer of royal icing, plus purple on masks
  • set up & tested both webcams, including cron jobs & ftp uploads for image captures
  • created Stay Tuned webcam broadcast page
  • created webcam live broadcast page

    Mardi Gras party prep still left to do

  • finish unpacking from Vegas! my suitcase is still full & in the kitchen - doh!
  • DECORATE! - ack! nothing is decorated yet except the cookies :P
  • candles, faux & real
  • place webcams in final locations
  • finish decorating the cookies - they need gold & green still
  • make shrimp mold
  • slice & arrange cheese
  • make king cake
  • make pastry brie
  • fresh food prep, including slicing fruit for punch & ice ring
  • figure out if I want to use the fondue fountain or not
  • final cleaning

    I think I can get it all done well enough by 7pm on Saturday, but boy do I need a nap right about now...! ;)

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    I wish I were feeling healthy enough (and had free time from work) to come and help. I didn't help much at Halloween or Xmas for your parties. As it is, I think in order to be well enough to be at the party without being miserable or hacking up a lung I'll need to recuperate during the day on Saturday.

    I'm definitely over the hump with this cold; it's migrated to my sinuses and chest, which is usually the last (but longest) part...

    Get yourself well! You helped a bunch for Halloween by doing the dirty work of painting the carved foam walls to match my house color! It just wasn't right before the party. :)

    If you feel well enough to come a little bit early, you could try setting up that Airport Express of yours I still have so we can have Mardi Gras music from my laptop since I no longer have any iPod to plug into my stereo..? Otherwise just come when you can & have fun! Tracia is dying to show you the latest DVD she's made me, since you star in an easter egg I guess... ;)

    Two words--Good God. :)

    Sounds like a great party!!!

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