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Why is Labor Day always roasting? Is it the traditional BBQ weekend so the weather decides to BBQ us as well?

Saturday I popped over to the Tapestry In Talent fair in downtown San Jose, where Robin had her Steelhead Studio jewelry booth for the second year in a row. Nathania was there helping her staff the booth, so I stayed and chatted for awhile. Since Robin made at least two sales while I was there plus a lot more foot traffic into her booth, she said I must be a lucky charm! hehe...

Robert and Maureen came over on Sunday evening for catching up with laid back BBQ, but even with the fan blowing, we migrated to the backyard as soon as the sun dipped behind the hills...much better! I harvested my first two ears of homegrown Silver Queen corn grown from seed, and it was the best corn I have ever tasted! Very creamy, not watery, and just by popping them on the grill in their own husks after a quick cold water rinse, they were delicious! I wonder if the rest of the baby ears will ever grow large enough to pick? ;)

I have officially given my surrender to the powdery mildew on the pumpkins, though. *sigh* I'm leaving the leaves intact for fear of removing too many and starving the rest of the plant. The two large orange pumpkins are still looking good, no damage at all, and not at all squishy at the blossom end, so we'll see if they can stay on the vine for Halloween. There have been two other good starts at fruit, but they seem to be succumbing to something eating them, so I might end up with only two pumpkins...however, the Concord grapes are ripe enough to pick a whole bowl! Those are very tasty! Robert said all I needed now was a cow and a sheep to complete the mini-farm effect...haha... ;)

Hope your weekends were fun! I know weaktwos had quite the time at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this weekend...

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