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Police Reunion Tour

Trying to sign up for the PoliceTour Fan Club I get...

"High Traffic Alert

We are experiencing extremely high traffic volume at the moment. You will be redirected to to watch the remainder of the LIVE webcast.

Thank you for your patience."

Gee I wonder why? haha...somehow I got on the Sting Fan Club spam list, got my email announcement like everyone else & tried clicking the links! No Bay Area shows yet, but blackwiidow there's one in Toronto! More shows to be announced so hopefully they'll come to CA sometime I can actually attend! :) I did notice Sting didn't even try for the high notes on Roxanne last night on the Grammys, but that's no surprise since all these years he's been doing it on his solo tours he's wimped out too...too hard on his voice I'm sure...but boy did Stewart on drums look like he'd never aged a day!
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