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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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hot off the presses!
australia, ocean
The Police are coming to OAKLAND! woohoo! LA too, but Oakland doesn't require such a road trip! ;)

Shows just added:
June 13 - Oakland, CA @ McAfee Stadium
June 23 - Los Angeles, CA @ Dodgers Stadium
August 5 - East Rutherford, NJ @ Giants Stadium

Public tickets for the Oakland, CA show will go onsale Sun. Feb 25th at 10 am local time
Public tickets for the Los Angeles, CA show will go onsale Mon. Feb 26th at 10 am local time

I'm still not paying $100/seat extra for any fan club pre-sale ripoff, so there'd better be a few $50 seats left come Sunday morning 10am sharp when tickets go on sale to the general public... :)

weaktwos & eyow, you're in, right?...anyone else? I think I'll just buy the max I can, since I'm sure I can always sell them later on eBay if I can't find takers...wish me luck Sunday morning!

EDIT: I've updated my Ticketmaster.com account to current everything, including credit card data, so aside from traveling back in time to before 2/1/07 to sign up for Best Buy Rewards Zone to get access to their presale, I don't know how much readier I can be for Sunday morning! :)
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I managed to buy my ticket through the Best Buy pre-sale. I have been subscribed to the Best Buy newsletter for a few years now. Tickets were going on sale at noon on a Saturday and normally I am working at a place on Saturdays at that time where I would no be able to buy tickets that way. Buying at the pre-sale allowed me to get a ticket in a decent location early. You should check into that.


Thanks. I did read up on the Best Buy thing, but you had to have been a member of Best Buy Rewards Zone before 2/1/07 to get access to that presale. I've never been a member or get their newsletter, and signing up now won't help. If anyone has a Best Buy Rewards Zone membership & wants to give access to me, let me know! At least I am able to be at home on my computer at 10am on Sunday...I sure hope there are $50 seats left then! If not, there's only so much I can do, since I'm still not paying an extra $100 per seat just for the fan club presale...

Give this a try:


Ah, thanks! I tried it, both on ticketmaster.com & ticketmaster.ca since you're in Montreal, but it said "The password you entered is not in our system. Please try again." Darn! Thanks though! Maybe that's because you already used it for your tickets? There's also only a limit of 2 tickets per household on Best Buy anyway...and only 6 come Sunday, which will be a problem already, since I have 10 people or more asking me to get them tickets! :(

OMG, I got a REward Zone thing from Ray, and I'm on ticketmaster, and it tells me I can get 2 field seats for $225 each

Okay, so don't worry about me. I've got these two seats:

Seat location: section 121, row 19, seats 5-6

I ended up NOT getting the $225 ones, because that's just ridiculous.

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