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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Police Tickets Acquired!
australia, ocean
Now the feeding frenzy begins for who will be buying my tickets! Thanks to Melanie's logging in on my other computer, for which I have already written her a hefty check to cover the expense on her account, we have secured these twelve $90 tickets for the Oakland show! Woohoo! :D

Seat location: section 226, row 6, seats 9-14
Seat location: section 208, row 13, seats 1-6

I know I said I wanted $50 seats, but looking at the seating chart there were less total $50 nosebleed seats, so I was afraid if we specified $50 seats, couldn't get them, and had to go back in, we'd miss our chance entirely! So $90 seats it is...

So I have heard this morning already that hp_jenorama got 6 herself, Kevin got 6 for them, and Robin & her mom got some too! Too bad it's not general admission so we could all pile on the grass like at Shoreline for Sting & Annie Lennox since that was a lot of fun, but we'll just arrange the groups so that people who know each other sit together... :)


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woohoo! My +1 will be absolutely stoked!! Can't wait!

uh..that was me up there...

90*12 = $1,080

Wow – you are one serious fan!

Is the $90 before or after the Ticketmaster™ 'service' fee(s)?


Before...after fees it's $102.34 per ticket...There seem to be enough people who would like to go that I'm sure I can sell these to friends... :)

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