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Star Trek XI
australia, ocean
The rumors have finally been made official...I'm still personally worried about a prequel that Spock is at the Academy with Kirk, but we'll see...this quote is a little reassuring at least from "self-professed Trek nerd" JJ Abrams:

From Abrams' Trek Launching in Christmas '08

"If there's something I'm dying to see, it's the brilliance and optimism of [creator Gene] Roddenberry's world brought back to the big screen," said Abrams.

"Alex and Bob wrote an amazing script that embraces and respects Trek canon but charts its own course. Our goal is to make a picture for everyone—lifelong fans and the uninitiated. Needless to say, I am honored and excited to be part of this next chapter of Star Trek."

Filling unknowns in the timeline are great, but respecting canon is key! My ever-forgiving plot-hole solving brain immediately comes up with that since they haven't mentioned Spock as a student at the Academy at the same time as Kirk, it could work out. Canon timing could have Spock teaching at the Academy when Kirk was a student, and they happen to meet Bones somewhere along the line, since he never attended the Academy...I still have some issues with them being such friends for so long, since they seemed less friendly in the early classic episodes, but if they do it right, they could pull it off...Matt Damon = meh but I could accept it, Gary Sinise = inspired casting as Bones, but I can't hack Adrien Brody as my beloved Spock! ;)

Of course they should call it something other than an odd number somehow...or because STX was a box-office dud does it count as breaking the curse? Since Nemesis was acutally a better film than Insurrection, I define the curse in terms of film quality vs. $$ it happened to make... ;) They tried getting around the numbers thing before by calling VII just Generations, no number anywhere in the official marketing campaign, but it still wasn't as good as VI or First Contact (VIII)...

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What's makine me ranting-crazy (poor ebonlock) is that all the actors they're eyeing are as old as or older than Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley were when the series first started. Ok, tell an earlier story, fine--but actually do it earlier, don't just effectively recast the series as it started! *growf*

And as much as I adore James McAvoy (Mr. Tumnus), Scotty should not be that hot. o.O

I'm failing to ignore the whole thing, in that I snatch up every bit of news released about the film, but I'd really rather just not think about it at all, assume it'll suck, and have the possibility of being pleasantly surprised if otherwise. We'll see how well that works, as I tend towards Ranty McRantenpants about things like this.

I've been ranting myself, and few enough friends are Classic Trek fans that they don't know what I'm talking about! haha...but when I saw the "respecting canon" comment that did reassure me, since the previous reports kept making it sound like "heck with anything else, we'll tell our own story."

I definitely agree about the casting ages...Spock they can get away with due to Vulcans having a longer life span, but the humans, nah. ;) I don't think I'll be getting as excited as other Trek films, but I think I'm more going to assume neutral vs. assume the worst. I remember way back in the day I was highly suspicious of Next Generation, but it ended up fine...and when DS9 was said to be "darker" and "not what Roddenberry would allow when he was alive" I also wondered, but I loved DS9...so innocent until proven guilty will be my attitude... :) Hey, I KNEW Star Trek V was going to suck big time, but since it was my first Trek I could see on the big screen, I went anyway! ;)

They tried the mass-appeal route...

The last Trek movie tried to get the masses into seats and that didn't go over too well, now did it.

I would think that a small but passionate group would be preferable to everyone going, 'meh.'

Has anyone seen the homebrew Trek TV those folk are making in a barn somewhere? Wired had a story about them (they even got 'Checkov' to do a guest turn) but their bandwidth was quickly hammered.


This one time, at Band Camp

Sorry, I re-read your post and thought if Kirk and Spock meet at SF Acadamy the slash/fiction people are going to have a field day....

[robert, who 99.999% of the time does NOT think of Kirk and Spock in that way. I blame the internet(s) and rule 34]

Re: This one time, at Band Camp

Yeah, no kidding...you know that "slash" gets its name because the original homosexual fanzine/fanfic pairing was abbreviated Kirk/Spock? Can't say I read any of it, except there was one of the early novels that had some suspicious undertones... ;)

Academy days

FYI: Star Trek Starfleet Academy #3: "Cadet Kirk" has Ensign McCoy and Ensign Spock meeting up with Cadet Kirk. According to the timeline in the front of the book Spock enters Starfleet Academy and McCoy enters Starfleet Medical school in 2249 and Kirk enters Starfleet Academy in 2250.


Revealing more of your geek cred eh? ;) ...then you also know enough to know that pretty much none of the novels are considered "canon" by Paramount & the movie-making crews, no matter how good they might be...Diane Duane ROCKS...I want her Romulan & Vulcan stuff to be canon! ;) I had to give up on keeping up with the Trek novels in the late 90s...too many & too conflicting with each other by then!

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