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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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catching up & concrete!
australia, ocean
Busy busy busy as always! I haven't posted really since Mardi Gras except for the Police tour and a quickie Trek blurb... ;) Well, I made a very realistic fish cake for my dad's 60th birthday, I've been babysitting more Brittahytta Brewery concoctions (more to come next week pending the results of cider batch #4), cleaned out my old laptop even replacing the keys as my brother's birthday present, started getting estimates to install air conditioning and a home solar system, non-destructively altered my grandmother's blue lace dress from 1940 so I could wear it again, bought a new digital camera, driven the Briata up to snow at the top of Mt Hamilton, and I've even been on a few dates with a friend of a friend, will wonders never cease! :-o

Amongst all of that, there has also been gardening progress, with the most significant results being that the concrete walkway started last April with Cyd is now done! It's not fully cleared or ready to plant or place the stepping stones yet, but the major task of removing the concrete is done, thanks to Kael's help! The extra benefit of the walkway being cleared is that I have a new little corner concrete paver patio for the papasan chair, plus a rustic flowerbed wall that nicely finishes off the look of my back fence bedding areas. :)

Concrete Crushing Complete!

Block Bashing Britta last April when Cyd & I started attacking the side walkway...

After my stress-fueled attempts last May in several evenings after work, I had given up for awhile for the sake of other house & garden projects in the meanwhile...

This February, Kael wanted to hulk-smash something, so I volunteered my walkway, which is now completely defeated! Thanks Kael! :)

During the past six months or so I decided I could turn over the concrete scrap pieces and the pebbly underside should look okay, not just like I took a concrete walkway & re-assembled it elsewhere. As Kael was cracking out large pieces - thankfully he could carry them over, since I could barely budge them into place! - I arranged them over the back corner space I cleared of weeds & put down weed-blocker fabric. It was drizzling that day that turned into heavier rain, so all the concrete was moved to the corner area, but I stopped the patio project until nicer weather this past weekend. Saturday I not only got all the patio done, but also the original garden wall idea Cyd had last year! Now except for that original garbage can of tiny pieces that will be set out next weekend for the annual citywide cleanup campaign, this is all the concrete scrap that is left - woohoo! :D

New concrete paver patio with a little glimpse of new flowerbed wall

New flowerbed wall along the back fence

What a lovely difference from before I moved in (showing patio & yard) vs. now! :)

If you'd like to scroll through all the pretty blooming things like the calla lilies that have returned and all my daffodils, start here at the bottom of the page & enjoy! :)

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You totally glossed over the "few dates" part. Sheesh!

When will you dish!? Eh?Eh?

Oh you caught that? ;) Shh...I don't want to jinx anything...so far so good though... :)

Woot on the "few dates", hey if nothing else you're doing better on the getting out there front than I am at the moment.

That fish cake looks oddly disturbing LOL But amazing! :D

That cake is awesome! Very, very well done, they're eerily lifelike, yeah. o.O

And the dress is incredible, wow. It'a fabulous design, and fits you beautifully--even cooler that it's both family owned and vintage.

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