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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Halloween Season has officially begun!
Why? Well, even though personally I'm thinking about my own Halloween plans year round, and I do get the infrequent Halloween emails throughout the year, I can tell by the frequency of emails I get about my Halloween section on Britta Blvd! It has ramped up already in just the past week to almost daily raves or requests for decoration or recipe help. Last year it was overwhelming requests for Edward Scissorhands and Sally costume help, too...interesting that after all these years since I've done the costumes, there's been a "renaissance" lately of early 90s Tim Burton...? hmmm...granted it was the 10th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas last year...

Anyway, we even saw on our webserver graphs last year that there was a dramatic increase in traffic to my website ramping up from September through October, then dropping off like a cliff as of November 1st...I thought that was hilarious! See? Yeah, still not even half a meg at the most, but still funny...

I _really_ need to get my act together and finally put up my Halloween How-To section, since I am answering the same questions over & over & over, especially about handling dry ice and my Mad Scientist display...if I can get it up this season with all the other projects I have going on already (UK Tour DVD, Grandma's 90th Birthday Multimedia Presentation, Jessica & Roger Rabbit Costumes - whew!) I will feel very accomplished!