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little miffed
australia, ocean
I just read that PotterParties.com has been resurrected by The Leaky Cauldron, with what seems like little credit to the original content-generators from two years ago. Individual recipes are still credited, but all of my leader paragraphs of suggestions from the main decor, recipes and costume sections are no longer credited to me, since last time I was listed at the front of the How to Host section as the "expert", and now there is no mention of my name at all. I think I might even write a note to TLC saying that although my content was allowed to be used in good faith, it was with credit, and I don't feel it is proper for them to use the same content this time around without crediting the source. All they'd need to do is preface each section that contains my content with "from Potter Party hostess Britta Peterson (link)" or something similarly simple and I'd be fine. The ideas from other contributors are still credited as "submitted by" since they were set off from my content originally. Perhaps they didn't realize that by redesigning their home page, they removed any mention of my name? We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

For me the blush has been off the HP fandom rose for quite awhile now, and I only read the TLC headlines on my RSS feed anymore. I have heard stories that have not endeared me to how some volunteers have been treated, and having my content cannabilized for their crafts section shocked me that they didn't even bother to contact me for more ideas, let alone a courtesy notice about my content being used for a different project. Seeing a NY Post article a couple months ago where MA called TLC "my website" made me bristle for not myself, but for all the others before her who created the site originally and put so much time & effort into the site. As a long-time reader and only ancillary contributor in the thick of it 2 years ago, that's not the camaraderie the site was built on, and it's sad to me that's the route they've taken. They obviously have plenty others who enjoy what the site has become, but it's not my cup of tea anymore. My Potter fandom is personal now with friends, and a few online friends I'm lucky to have met along the way. :)

I am still excited for the movie & book, and I will have a great time planning my last Potter party and my friends will all have a blast attending, but I'm not even sure I should spend the time & effort on getting my other Hogwarts parties on my website, since what will the demand be after the last book has already come & gone? Perhaps for the last two movies, but I seriously doubt there will be as much attention as has been the past several years. I think my time is better spent working on Halloween parties, especially my still-in-progress book, which of course is on hold until after July 21st at this rate!

Enough...I'm still not fully well so I need to get to sleep but I had to get that off my chest tonight...hope everyone had a good weekend!

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That's a shame that they aren't giving credit where it is due. But yes, some things have to wind down sometime.

However, it's unwise for them to piss off one of their finest contributors. :-)

well, you already know my feelings on potter in general, including TLC and that horrible, unprofesional "journalist" who runs it. i'm sorry they did that to you. not surprised, but i am sorry. *hugs*

I'm sorry hun, I was worried they would do that. Its just another in a long string of revisionary history at Leaky. Par for the course around there. You should at least point it out, I don't think it will do much good but.....

You're not the only one feeling this way about the fandom. Its a shame to have watched but certain people have decided the fandom is only about them and have approached the fandom as a way to achieve attention for themselves. At this point, the fandom for me are the friends I've made. And I wouldn't change that, even with all I've been through b/c of people in the fandom. I just have to remind myselve of that every now and then. Don't let any of this ruin your fun planning your last party or the joy of the book. We'll resolve to have fun this summer no matter what has happened together :)

*hug* Now kick that stupid bug and feel better fast.

Thanks...I'm getting better slowly but REALLY slowly...I hate when I don't have my usual energy! ;)

I notice the TLC main page only has an online feedback form now, but I have the old staff email address, so I sent to them, plus submitted the same text as a "bug" on the feedback form for PotterParties.com. We'll see what they say if they respond at all. At least I called them on it, so they will know it did not slip past me if it was intentional. Since it could have just been missed in the shuffle about how they revised everything, I was very civil I think:

Hello Leaky Staff,

I can understand recycling content you already have to refresh PotterParties.com, but you should retain the proper credit for such content. Perhaps you did not realize that by rearranging the sections of PotterParties and revising the "home" page for the "planning a potter party" section you have removed credit for the how-to sections I wrote for you two years ago. All of the main decorations page, Inexpensive Costume Ideas, and even the main recipe header were all written by me. I do see you have added a sentence or two at the top of your own now, but the rest of the content I recognize as mine. It would be different if they were joint ideas brainstormed by the PotterParties team that I just typed up, but all those ideas were mine before you approached me to contribute to PotterParties. I know the specific sections were not credited to me originally since the main party planning page referenced me as an "expert" but I've looked around the revised site and see no references like that anymore. Since the submissions of others are still credited since they were offset from mine originally, could you please just include a simple note for the sections that are mine, like "suggestions from Potter party hostess Britta Peterson of www.britta.com" or something similar?

Thank you,

Britta Peterson

Britta Blvd is located at

I'm getting better slowly but REALLY slowly.
*huggles* *steps away quickly to avoid britta-germs* *sends this little fellow to cuddle* :D

The letter is great and says what needs to be said very well. I dunno if you'll get a response.....

That's very disappointing, and you are totally justified in being miffed, of course. I hope they restore your name to your content, and quickly.

Hopefully it was just an unintentional blunder on their part. There are a lot of sites out there that freely "borrow" or even steal content, and have gotten caught doing it with negative consequences. This case looks like more of a gray area, but I doubt they were entirely unaware of what they were doing. Plagiarism is all too easy to do on the internet, and the motivation to do so is high when there's real money involved and constant pressure to "improve" the website (to make it look like they are the real "experts").


Please Please Please ...

Hi Britta,

I absolutely love reading about your themed parties, especially the Harry Potter events. I check your site from time to time hoping for updates and new ideas so please don't think the intrest is not there, it definitely is! I can't tell you the number of friends I have referred to your site for party how too's. We all really appreciate that you take the time to share your wonderful talents!

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