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what's new with Brittahytta?

Let's's been a long time since any Brittahytta remodeling updates...

Before Halloween I did spackle the drywall in the living room that replaced the fake & real wood paneling I removed, but it still has not been painted. The holiday season was filled with parties and decorating instead of home improvement projects. I did find some cool shelves for my bedroom just before Christmas, but I still am figuring out what to put on them for sure. Also, I had never properly screwed the wooden cover back into the wall after the plumbing incident last January since I wanted to eventually find a real access panel, so I finally got around to finding one that would fit - had to purchase online vs. local - so no more "clunk clunk" of Kylie trying to get past the loose wood panel into the plumbing hole! I had to pry out a couple extra wood spacers and add drywall to resize the hole enough to fit the panel mount. The wall paint isn't completely white, and I've only primed the panel so far, but since it's under the table you don't really notice, so that will wait until after the walls are done being covered with fake stone this summer & Halloween anyway. ;) I also just acquired a Scandinavian-style post box to replace my sad old & crooked mailbox, and it's nice that the color ties in with my Brittahytta house sign from Lincoln Sign Company! :)

However, the project with the most impact is the hall bathroom! I had added old-world spackle texture, painted it tan, changed out the mirror cabinet for a nicer mirror, and upgraded the light fixture by last June, but the cheapo sink & vanity cabinet really stuck out to me. I had been looking for awhile for vanities that would fit in the small space & be the look I'd like, but I was only finding either too expensive, much too fancy for Brittahytta, or black counters which I thought were too dark. Lo & behold, Costco had a coupon this spring for a vanity that looked perfect! I measured in person at my local Costco, and it would not only fit but I brought my paint chips and the granite counter looked like a great match! Kevin graciously drove their van for me to go pick it up coupon week, then it waited in my garage for awhile until I could rip out the old vanity. The big question was whether the tile floor continued all the way to the wall or not...I was very thankful once I saw that it did! Since the new vanity is on legs and would not sit flush with the side wall, I had to clean up, spackle & paint the wall behind, then extend the baseboard as well. After that was all done, I could finally drag the vanity box into the house from my garage, unpack it, and install it with my new bronze-tone antique-style faucet. Not only was that my first plumbing project - and it does NOT leak! - I really like how it looks now!

Here are some before & after photos of the hall in before I moved in!

I doubt there will be many more DIY house projects between now and July 21st for obvious reasons of a giant party in process! I still hope to get AC installed & the insulation going, but I still don't have leads from the contractor we'll see what happens!
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