brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's my mom's gift from me for today. She wanted a lefse webpage of her instructions, but at Christmastime I ran out of time, so I got my act together & finished it in time for a surprise Mother's Day gift. Don't worry - she'll get tangible gifts when we do the combo celebration for her birthday the end of this month. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! :)

This also means the SmorgaBritta Recipes page has finally been created, but the only content so far is the Lefse page. I took copious how-to photos of everything I made this past Christmas, which are already in my gallery, but writing the webpages aren't any priority right this's barely over 2 months before the big party and I wanted so much more done in advance than I've been able to do yet...ack!

I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful day!
Tags: lefse, smorgabritta, web

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