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australia, ocean

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defeated before I begin
australia, ocean
An engagement party which overlaps at least half if not more of my guest list has just been scheduled exactly the same night as my final Hogwarts bash, which means the main crowd will be leaving my party before it even really gets going and won't come in costume, or they just won't come to my party at all & go straight up to the city. Trying to start my party any earlier then 4pm, it'll be too scorching hot for anyone to enjoy themselves, let alone I know there's no way I'll be completely ready for guests that early. I've even made significant progress these past few days on my dragon costume and almost completed the ice treasure chest, too... I don't begrudge the happy couple of course or anyone who wants to celebrate with them (sure wish I could celebrate with them myself!), it just really sucks that I happen to be the conflict, since I don't want people to have to choose...*sigh*

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There's no way to do the party the following weekend? Or did you have birthday plans?

Aside from having no time to undecorate afterwards because I'm leaving mere days after my birthday for my 3-week Scandinavia trip, having the party a whole week late will ruin a lot of my new ideas, since I'm gambling on tone and things to make, like Horcruxes. Last time we found out while reading book 6 that I shouldn't have put the Room of Requirement on the Marauder's Map I drew, so that's just one example. If we've read the book before my party and I'm totally wrong, or we're all depressed about how the story ends, all this work will be pointless...I'm just steeling myself for the rejection of the other party being chosen over mine. I guess this is one way for me to have a "smaller party" as some people have requested because otherwise I don't see how I can disinvite anyone who has come before...

Well, those are some advantages. Of course there will never be another book 7 party...and it may not be their last marriage, so they might want to move their party. ;-) But don't tell 'em I said that. ;-)

Frankly, your Hogwarts party is a higher priority for me and it was scheduled first, even if no official invitation was sent out. I am still planning to come in costume, though not sure at this point what that costume will be.

I also don't think you should have to move your party because of theirs.

You can count on us at least

Not, you know, that I'm even invited to this other party. ;)

But you can bet the Barbieri family will be there with costumes on (no clue what yet of course).

So here's the perfect wedding present for them

Hermione's Time-Turner as featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: http://harrypotter.wbshop.com/catalog/product.xml?product_sku=HPNBTIME&referral_id=WBHP


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