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catching up...

Since I was reaching my vacation accrual cap, I took Friday off for a long weekend to see family, since my grandmother came down from Seattle for my mom's birthday. It was Central Valley hot as usual (yes I like Bay Area weather better!) and the new puppy has discovered how to jump into the pool to retrieve various toys, so that was a lot of the weekend entertainment! My brother & I had a little backroads of West Sac adventure trying to avoid hideous Friday daytime traffic between errands, but miraculously ending up where we wanted to be anyway! Then Saturday as he & I were rushing to the bank before it closed, my tire was completely flat overnight in his driveway! Thank goodness for the portable air compressor for the power tools, since that got us to the bank fine, then we drove along Folsom Blvd finding a tire place that was open. What I thought might be a nail that looked like the tire could just be patched was really just a pebble in the tread, no punctures at all, and it was just a bad valve, so the guy at Goodyear replaced it for FREE! Nice! My mom said "You must have looked really good!" denim skirt wasn't that short, and my tank top was demure? Thank goodness the tire went flat on the day places would still be open, since I was the ride to San Francisco for my grandma & her friend on Monday! We celebrated my mom's birthday on Sunday a day early because Monday was traveling day after the big church Memorial Day picnic. They'd asked me to sing God Bless America, so I obliged including a final high G, which was nice that my grandma got to hear me, since she doesn't get to hear me sing very often. We left Sacramento around 2:30 and got to Union Square by about 4:45, which wasn't too bad considering we did have quite a few sections of heavy traffic. I was even able to unpack my car & cool down the house a bit before I had to rush off to choir rehearsal...whew!

I am SO behind vs where I wanted to be for Potter party prep it's not even funny. My costume is mostly cut out, but not sewn yet. My invitations aren't ready and they're supposed to be mailed by next week, so I'd better get a move on! The only spring goal I've actually succeeded at so far is two batches of loquat jam, since last spring I missed most of my loquat harvest. I should get at least a third harvest this weekend or next weekend, so at least a couple more batches of jam will be made. I'm learning the limits of pectin the hard way, so I have some jam, some syrup, but at least no hard candy this year! ;)

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!
Tags: catching up

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