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Look what I found for FREE today!

semi-functional electric organ

Around the corner from my house they are doing a major remodel down to the foundation, and today I saw this sad organ out front. I figured at the very least I could salvage the keyboard for my Halloween pipe organ, of which I've already been acquiring free PVC pipe scraps for the pipes. I asked if they were offering it for free or trying to sell it, but the owner said she'd just like to get rid of it, but that "it actually works, but it probably needs tuning." Sure I thought, since many of the keys are stuck and it looks in pretty sad shape, but still it's FREE! I continued on my walk to Longs, came back, tried lifting the organ but it's too heavy for just me & no wheels so I couldn't take it around the corner by myself. My neighbor who has a dolly wasn't home, so I came back & sweetly asked the workers onsite if they had anything that could just roll it around the corner and I'd bring it right back? They said no, but how heavy was it? Two guys lifted it & said, "We'll just carry it over there for you" then the 3rd older guy, who had not offered any help before, said "Put it in the pickup then just unload it after we drive it there" so they did. Hooray! I gave them each a bottle of Brittahytta brew, apologizing that it wasn't cold & thanked them profusely! Did I mention I was wearing a short denim skirt & a tank top? Maybe that helped...hehe...Now it's sitting in front of my garage since I don't have space for it inside the garage yet! I'm going to try making space before I leave for our concert tonight, but if not, the Briata might have to live outside for a day or two until I make the space.

Oh, I did plug it in...technically it works, and I'd take that sound as a Halloween spooky chord, but it NEVER SHUTS UP so, no! I might try fiddling around with the keyboard, since it seems like it's only doing this because so many keys are stuck in the down position. I'm sure I won't hurt anything any worse & just might learn something! The pedals even seem to work a bit, but only on one stop. Something had made a nest inside, so I carefully pulled out the shredded newspaper, but didn't find anything alive or otherwise. This will obviously be a post-Potter project however!

Happy Friday everyone!
Tags: halloween, music, parties

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