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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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last ditch effort
australia, ocean
I am still amazed that I have no takers, not even on StubHub, for my last two tickets to the Police for this Wednesday...if you know of anyone who would buy these, they would have to meet me at the show before 6:30pm in front of the box office, cash in hand. If not, my ticket becomes $300+ cost to me, which really sucks since at that price I could have been much MUCH closer to the stage! *sigh*

The Police
Oakland McAfee Coliseum
Wed June 13th 6:30pm (Fiction Plane opens)
section 208 row 13 seats 5 & 6
$104 each (only covers my Ticketmaster fees)


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I'll pass the word to my non-LJ friends.

Good luck selling them!

Thanks! Let me know if you find anyone interested!

Message in a(n) Elevator

Telling people 'round here, flyer posted in elevator (hope that's OK).

You might also try listing them at KFOG's ticket swap.


Re: Message in a(n) Elevator

Thanks for the help...wow look at all th KFOG listings for Police tickets...maybe it'll be a half-empty stadium when we get there...shocking seeing the show sold out in an hour from public sale! :(

I put it out to some of my stamping friends, most of whom live closer to Oakland. *fingers crossed* that it works.

Steve might be interested!

Hey Britta. Have you checked with Steve@EQ? He mentioned that he wanted to check with you so he can improve on his backrow seats.

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