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The Police!

I noticed a sore throat around midnight Tuesday, drank copious water that didn't kill it, so I wasn't surprised when I woke up Wednesday aching all over, throat worse AND coughing. NOOOO! Hell if I'm going to miss the concert I spent so much money on! I went to work, napped in my car at lunch since I was so sore & exhausted, napped again waiting for Kat to arrive to carpool, then resorted to adrenaline to get me through the show which worked. I was careful not to yell or sing, since I could feel my voice trying to leave me already, and I was still aching enough that I only stood up for a few songs, thankful that those around me up in section 226 were also mostly sitting in front of me. I'm still sick today, but at least I enjoyed last night immensely! It was an awesome show!

Inspired by blackwiidow's concert posts, here are full details! :)

Fiction Plane started on the dot at 6:30 as we were in line for food & t-shirts. Decent rock sound, but then all of a sudden we all said "Did Sting just show up on stage or is that his son?" Uncanny vocal resemblance! They stopped on the dot at 7pm, but then another band The Fratellis, at least some of them sound Scottish, played for another 45 minutes, done before 8pm. The Fratellis were painfully loud, but it wasn't until the end of their set I finally found a set of airplane earplugs in my purse...whew! We waited & waited for The Police to come onstage, so Dave started discussion of guessing the set list. I thought Synchronicity II would start the show, we all agreed Every Breath You Take had to be an encore at least, most likely last, and Roxanne would be a must along with Message in a Bottle and Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. Then it was "what favorite songs of yours do you think they won't play?" I Burn For You is mine, which they NEVER play, and it's slow so not a big stadium rocking tune, Dave wanted De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, I wanted The Bed's Too Big Without You. We agreed since they rearrange Roxanne now for Sting's upper range, there was NO way they'd even try So Lonely!

Finally at 9pm they came onstage to roaring cheers! They started playing with lightboards around the stage including 5 large video screens, so we in the nosebleed seats were quite thankful. My souvenir London Eye cardboard binoculars helped a little, but not much! Message in a Bottle was first, but Synchronicity II was second, so I was close! Then it was Don't Stand So Close to Me, but a strangely-modulated version reminiscent of the horrid '86 version. Honestly it sounded like they modulated into weird keys to save Sting's upper range. I've always liked the original version best. A medley from Voices Inside My Head to When the World is Running Down was next, which rocked pretty hard. Spirits in the Material World had a very cool background animation on the lightboards & screens, using the red-lines digital theme. Driven to Tears next, then Walking on the Moon with giant extended coda of them just enjoying themselves playing. :) Truth Hits Everybody was also great, then Every Little Thing She Does is Magic which brought everyone in the crowd to their feet if they weren't already.

It was hard to tell they were starting Wrapped Around Your Finger next since it was such a cool arrangement, with all sorts of extra percussion and a cool groove. Sting's voice was in great shape for everything, but since I've seen Sting solo many times, often playing Roxanne & others in his sets, I have to say what I was most looking forward to was seeing Stewart Copeland on drums. I was NOT disappointed in the least! Awesome! Not only did he rock hard on the drum set, but at one point I was asking everyone around me "Do you think he has enough auxiliary percussion back there? Honestly he has an entire symphony percussion section all to himself!" hahaha...Next I was surprised with The Bed's Too Big Without You, so I mouthed along, trying my best NOT to sing to save my voice *sigh*...then Dave had sneaked out for a potty break and what started as soon as he left but De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da! We laughed & said he's probably in the bathroom cursing himself for leaving just then! ;) He made it back for plenty of the song at least! I was surprised by Invisible Sun, which had a cool new groove as well, but also was accompanied by somber images of war & strife around the world. Next was Walking in Your Footsteps, accompanied by frankly-annoying overlays of a dinosaur skeleton walking over the band's faces...yeah whatever. At least they sounded great!

Maybe Sting was saving his voice for the end, since Can't Stand Losing You ROCKED at normal pitch, with a ton of call & response with the crowd which was very cool...then of course what had to be the closer was Roxanne. It was excellent, but it was the "Stingified" version not so different than how I've heard it many many times by him solo and what they played at the Grammys...but what did rock was there was definitely a difference with Stewart on drums! That was awesome and I am so impressed with his drumming skills! They left the stage, but we knew they had to be back, since even though we'd had some surprises, conspicuously missing still was Every Breath You Take! Dave leaned over & said "Wouldn't it be cool if they totally surprised everyone, came back out & played Next to You?" I agreed but said "yeah right!"...hahaha!

Of course they came back, but since we were expecting one encore since it was already a long show, we were surprised by King of Pain...standard arrangement, excellently-performed...they left again but the stadium lights still weren't up what? Ah...So Lonely?!? Are you kidding me! Wow! But as Sting was singing, I sang along a bit & noticed it was REALLY low, like a fourth down at least, and verified with Dave who has sung that in cover bands himself. By the time they got to the "I feel lo lo lo" call & response section, it was obvious to everyone in the crowd that their "lo lo los" were REALLY low low low...hahaha! Ah but it still rocked and was cool to hear some early raw Police style amongst the later stuff & redone jazzier ones...they left again...they HAVE to be back, still no Every Breath You Take! Voila! There it is...okay, standard arrangement, everyone stood up & sang along, the audience was satisfied, all was right with the world...they left again for longer this time, but still the stadium lights didn't come up...they came out, Sting said "okay one more!" and what did they play but Next to You! I looked at Dave with a shocked look on my face & he looked as surprised as me! hahahaha! Short & sweet, just like old Police, a great way to end the show!

2 hours solid of The Police in excellent form was worth the $100 a ticket in my opinion, especially for a big fan who never got to see them back in the day. Aside from the hour spent not moving an inch in the parking lot afterwards, plus my being sick, it was an awesome evening!!!

P.S. I did sell my last two tickets out in front, but only $50 for the pair...but since I originally was paying for a date to go along which didn't happen, I ended up only $50 in the hole from my original plan, so could have been worse!

EDIT: I gave up on trying to clean up any audio from the video clips I took with my Treo, so I just uploaded & linked them inside my story above after converting them to QuickTime. Beware the awful sound quality but you can tell what the songs are! ;)
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