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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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SLO Day 1
australia, ocean
We made such good time on the bus that even including one quick rest stop, we were at CalPoly by 5:15. Of course that didn't stop the back of the bus portable bar from going through a bottle of vodka with mixers in kid-style sippy cups during the ride...haha...

Since they expected us later in the evening, they hadn't scheduled us to sing tonight at the farmers market downtown. We were glad we made it in time to hear the othe choirs sing...but due to a shuttlebus mixup, we didn't get dowtown until more like 7pm, and none of the competeing choirs were singing then. I had never really eaten and Nathania eating for two was also wanting food as soon as possible, so we found some good street BBQ. By the time we strolled back to the performance area the choir from Uganda was going on...hooray! Due to the crowd not even Amazonian Nathania & I could see so we had to hold our cameras above our heads...the people behind us thanked us too since the were watching our camera monitors! Haha...The choir ws great but they sang their folk rep, so it will be interesting to hear them sing other styles too. I honestly can't imagine trying to judge the folk round since all the styles will be SO different!

Funny thing is that we turned to mosey along and behind me was standing a tall blond man with his festival nametag with a name I recognized! I held out my hand and said "Weren't you a teaching assistant at UCDavis?" He looked shocked but nodded. I said I sang the "halausta nyut minun oma armahani" solo in Finnish that year. We chatted a bit, & he doesn't really remember me I'm sure but he's now the conductor of the competing Finnish choir. Small world, eh? :)

We got back to the dorms before 9 so the portable bar was set up after a session of now-traditional tour DIY facials, but even after low-key fun still an early night for me. I'm very glad we don't compete until Saturday so we can relax a little tomorrow.

Until next time!