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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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SLO Day 3
australia, ocean
Saturday morning started very early with Melanie & Ruth cutting their 6am run short because of a grass fire covering the mountain right behind us! We kept getting ready but also packed as much as we could just on case we'd be evacuated! Thankfully the flames were moving sideways instead of down the hill toward us, but those flames were darn close with plenty of smoke!

At least the fire had us all ready in concert attire & makeup with time to spare. We hit a couple spots, centered & focused, then were moved to the wings forever while the emcee was still going. Finally we went onstage and we felt our peformance was excellent, so at the very least we did our personal best. Nice to have it over with first! We went up into the balcony to hear the other choirs through intermission. We had been told we had to be at the busses at 12:30 in our polo shirts instead and it was 11:30 and we still needed lunch too, so we missed hearing the last 3 choirs perform the compulsory round. When we got to the bus and they told us how early we were, we were disappointed, but such is life.

(to be continued...)