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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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SLO Day 3 part 2
australia, ocean
...We got to downtown SLO more than an hour before our 2-4pm slot of singing back & forth with the Basque choir, so we split up to stroll through town to get to our spot. We walked by the local Apple store and Ruth walked in. Our light changed to cross the street but she was still inside so I went in. She was trying to get her husband on the phone so she could get his & hers 8G iPhones! She got them, her husband was pleased since last night Palo Alto was sold out of 8Gs before he got through the midnight line. More of the choir walked by including Ben who had been tasked a month ago by Dan to get him an iPhone as soon as they came out. Ben got it, then we surprised Dan as he came around the corner. I said what Silicon Valley geeks we are to get iPhones out of town on a choir tour! Am I the geekiest because I didn't get the product but asked for the cool bag? :)

It was really fun singing our rep & the Basque choir singing for us. We were all really supportive of each other, and audience strolled by and stayed to listen. The only drawback is so many of our choir got sunburned. Not me, thank you very much Clinique Cityblock SPF 40! We went to rehearsal immediately, hitting our folk round rep, feeling very comfortable and excited, then a little nap, dinner, then getting ready for the evening concert...

(to be continued...)