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SLO Day 4 part 1

For the Choir's Choice and final round, we sang our hearts out again, but since we ended with War Song, it was a completely different way to impress the audience, and they were impressed since they stood up! Nice to see that! The other choirs backstage also stood & cheered for us. The Ugandan lady sitting next to me said that War Song sounded a lot like what the army teaches you but shouting in Swahili...haha! We heard the last two choirs, then they wanted to announce who placed in that same round, so we waited and waited while the emcee and the hosts told stories about choirs singing to each other at other festivals. When we finally stood up to sing the Biebl for them, getting only barely through the first phrase, they came back onstage - darn! We kept thinking they were using alphabetical order to hide who was which place but this time they announced us second...I couldn't hear it since there was still cheering for the first choir but I saw Dan turn around and say "We placed again?!?" Wow - we placed in all three rounds! Many former San Jose State Choraliers who have competed a lot said they'd never place in all rounds!

We quickly changed clothes and took a long walk across campus to a really nice BBQ with excellent live mariachi music. I thought we were giving away our "altos rule" necklaces at the party later, but enough altos were wearing theirs we found other altos to give them, so I got a few alto photos. :) Ruth started talking to Bettie from Uganda and found out they were selling jewelry they brought from home as more fundraising, so Ruth insisted on buying me one! There was a multicolored turquoisy one so I wore it with the dress I was wearing, then started showing everyone to bring more customers to the Ugandans. By the time I was leading people to Bettie they were setting up artwork, baskets, little purses and other cool things! We sent quite a crowd over to them so I hope they got some money and won't have to carry so much back home. I bought a nice woven basket that is brown, cream and teal! :)

(to be continued)
Tags: choral project, music, travel

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