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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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SLO Day 4 part 2
australia, ocean
...Erin & I hiked the long way back to the dorms to change since we had to be back on stage at 6pm for our one chance to rehearse all the choirs together. That was a lot of fun! Needless to say our altos started a refrain of We Are the Altos to the tune of We Are the Champions and ALL the altos joined in! Alto pride is contagious! Hahahaha...the basses tried to sing something back but it kind of fell flat...heehee...

We had time before the final concert started, so since we knew we were singing once for each round, we tried to figure out how to squeeze on the smaller risers for the awards. We crammed ourselves into a mixed position the then Basque choir wanted to hear our Biebl, so we sang the short version...many of them were crying by the end and boy did they cheer! We stayed while they got on the same risers and they sang a very pretty piece with a soprano soloist who was worried how she'd sing since she was recovering from crying from our Biebl. They did a beautiful job, and everyone hugged the soloist on the way backstage, where we spent (too much) time rearranging our standing position yet again while waiting to go onstage.

Finally we went onstage to sit and wait while they announced the winners. The host and emcee traded back & forth, keeping us all on pins & needles. I felt a little badly for the choirs who knew they didn't place but were still sitting on stage, and tried to keep a good attitude that at least we got third place in all three rounds!

(to be continued)