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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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SLO Day 4 part 3
australia, ocean
...They announced the Basque choir as third place so they sang. It was better to hear them live than on the video feed, but still odd to hear them from behind. They announced second place...conducted by Daniel Hughes...us! We performed the Rotala (Vidu!) which felt very odd being sideways to the audience but got great response anyway. That left Imusica Cappella from the Philippines, who rehearse something like everyday all year subsidized by their government, and win competitons worldwide, so coming in second to them is no shame!

On to the folk results, where we were surprised we placed at all. As Dan joked, "We know we didn't place for our 'folk' outfits" of red white & blue jeans! There it was...third place conducted by Daniel Hughes...still nice to place! We sang Wade in de Water, then sat down to hear the Basque choir get second, leaving Imusica Cappella first again...onto the final round judging!

(to be continued)